In addition to many of the Company's own programs, we are committed to supporting and sponsoring local and regional programs that focus on sustainable development and ensuring the long-term success of the communities in which we operate. 

MCSA Community Development (Curaçá Valley, Bahia)

The closest town to the primary mining and processing operations of the Pilar Mine is the town of Pilar, located approximately 15 kilometers from the entrance to the mine. The town was built to support the mine in the late 1970's and today has a population of approximately 10,000 people. Pilar continues to house all of the mine's employees and their families. Since 2017, the Company broadened its scope of ongoing community development programs to further advance sustainable development throughout the broader Curaçá Valley, which stretches over 100 kilometers from the Pilar Mine to the Vermelhos Mine and encompasses the town of Pilar. A selection of ongoing programs include:

  • Local Goat Cheese Program was developed by MCSA with the goal of developing a sustainable agro-business within the Curaçá Valley. To do this, goat milk cooperatives were established throughout the region aimed at creating central collection and processing to create value-added products from goat's milk such as goat cheese, candies, soaps and shampoos. In 2019, the first two cheese production facilities were constructed by MCSA and the cheese is now sold locally in markets, fairs and specialty stores. In parallel with this program, MCSA continues to provide assistance to the cooperatives with distribution, marketing and technical assistance to the farmers participating in the program to increase yields and improve the overall health of the region's livestock. 
  • Entrepreneurship Program is focused on creating sustainable craft businesses throughout the region. The program offers classes and workshops on design and manufacturing of leather goods as well as baking and cooking courses using local specialty ingredients. Products produced through the program are marketed and sold locally in open air markets and fairs. 
  • "Roots" Nursery Program provides local farmers with technical and financial support to grow plants and seedlings that are suitable for the Company's revegetation needs. Once these facilities become operational, MCSA purchases plants and seedlings from these local producers, providing a sustainable way for the community to benefit from the Company's environmental programs in the region.
  • Community Garden was developed to support the health and wellness of the community of Pilar as well as provide opportunities to teach the importance of gardening and local food production.

NX Gold Community Development (Nova Xavantina, Mato Grosso)

The closest town to the primary mining and processing operations of the NX Gold Mine is the town of Nova Xavantina, located approximately 18 kilometers from the entrance to the mine. The town primarily supports the extensive local agro-businesses with a total population of approximately 20,000 people. NX Gold provides financial support and assistance to several well-established charitable organizations in the town of Nova Xavantina, detailed below, as well as sponsorship of local fairs, rodeos, cultural events and youth sports teams. A selection of these organizations include:

  • Project Hope is a program that is focused on providing support for many of the vulnerable youth in the community. The program offers courses in financial literacy and job training and currently supports approximately 70 local youth. 
  • Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional is an organization that cares for children and adults with special needs in the community. The organization coordinates activities focused on the development of physical, cognitive and psychomotor skills. 

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