Ero Copper is focused on minimizing the environmental impact and overall operational footprint on the environment. From the use of 100% renewable energy, adoption of new methods aimed at increasing recycled process water and reducing fresh water consumption, the development of a new tailings management co-disposal system and continued reclamation of sites no longer in use, including those impacted by historic and artisanal mining activities, the Company's operations in Brazil continue to raise the bar of environmental stewardship. At each and every working area throughout the Company, including at underground working faces, employees participate in our shared commitment to recycling. 

At MCSA, our largest operation, 100% of the mine and mill's electrical power demand is met through renewable hydroelectric, wind and solar energy from the Sobradinho Dam Complex. In addition, our tailings co-disposal methodology, developed by MCSA, has allowed the Company to cease use and begin to revegetate areas of its legacy tailings dam as well as reduce  reliance on fresh-water, with up to 86% of the required process water made-up from tailings co-disposal water collection.  

At the NX Gold Mine, the Company continues to revegetate and remediate sites that were impacted by artisanal mining improving local flora and fauna in the region. Over the past two years, improved surface and in-mine water collection practices have resulted in a significant reduction in fresh-water used in processing activities. 

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